Urgent Action Alert!

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For nearly 40 years, New York State and the State Education Department have provided aid (known as Mandated Services Aid) to Catholic and other religious schools based on a relatively simple formula. In recent years however, the State Education Department has forced numerous schools to use a different formula that results in a cut to their aid, despite growing support to public and charter schools. Many more Catholic and other schools remain at risk of having their aid cut. Please take a quick moment to let lawmakers know we won’t stand for a cut in aid, especially when aid to public schools and charter schools is rising.

Take ACTION NOW – Please support Catholic Education! We cannot stand idly by and be subjected to a 4% DECREASE in Mandated Services while public schools get a 4% INCREASE. SPEAK OUT! BE LOUD! DEMAND passage of S.6089 and A.7833 before session adjourns. Visit http://www.nyscatholic.org/nys-catholic-conference-action-center/